About the Hickory Sportsman’s Club

The Hickory Sportsman’s Club is the creation of two sports enthusiasts, Jim Correll and Charles Young. The Club was founded in 1985 and is a group of sports-minded elite, drawing upon the professional and leadership ranks of the Catawba Valley. The concept has worked well in other cities, (Raleigh, NC and Columbia, SC) and we believe we could improve on a good thing and at the same time keep control of the membership. We will have a minimum of two meetings a year.

Meetings of the Hickory Sportsman’s Club are solely for members and a limited number of members’ guests. The waiting list for the Hickory Sportsman’s Club currently stands at 460. Each meeting includes a social hour, buffet dinner, and featured speaker, with the evening’s preferred attire as black tie.

To contact the Hickory Sportsman’s Club:

Post Office Box 3077
Hickory, NC 28603
Fax: 828.324.7406
Email: jcorrell@the-hsc.com

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